Hello Lovely Souls, 

From my heart to your hands, welcome to House of Boho - a space where leather craftsmanship, timeless style and your unique spirit intertwine. Allow me to share a bit of my journey with you. 

Growing up in the 70s, my fascination with leather, vintage flair, and the timeless beauty of boho classics - the whimsical, the earth tones, the intricate embroidery - ignited a spark in me.

With this passion driving me, I set out to start a company where we could create and curate leather bags and fashion accessories that stand as lasting statements of individuality. My commitment has always been to offer pieces that outlast fleeting trends, anchoring you in enduring style. 

As I pour my heart into every design, I envision you. Every intricate detail is carefully considered - each stitch, tooling, carving and fringing is a brushstroke of expression. It’s an ode to the bohemian spirit within you. 

Here at House of Boho, our philosophy revolves around one simple truth: quality over quantity. The design and manufacturing process is never rushed and never mass-produced - because I believe in crafting pieces that will accompany you through the years. Our collection of handbags, wallets, clutches and travel companions are not just fashion staples, they are an embodiment of your journey, your values and your style. 

Whether you’re seeking a daily companion or a stunning statement, I invite you to explore, connect and let your bohemian spirit free. 

With love and boho dreams, 



Photograph of Debbie, the owner of House of Boho